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My Story

My name is Kim and I was born in Birmingham but now live in Cardiff.
I came to Wales following my husbands passing in 2013.
I relocated with my Fab daughter and her Fab family to Llantrisant but I have always been a city girl - so Cardiff kept pulling at me and in 2015 ( after a bit of to and fro-ing) I finally made the move.
Cardiff is amazing, as are the people- that's my experience anyway.
One of the most amazing things I keep experiencing is ....I have yet to meet someone who doesn't profess to have a fondness for Birmingham and the Brummie accent !!!
This has made me love Cardiff and its people more.
So ,thank you Cardiff for making me so welcome!

As you will see I love many things and people ; especially My Fab Daughter and her Fab Family including Ziggy, their chocolate Labradoodle!

I look forward to our adventures together!!!



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