How about Free Events In Cardiff on a monthly basis? Do you know the Dementia Resources and Activities available in Cardiff? Like Art or Old Hollywood? What are you waiting for? Come on in !

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I started blogging as Brummie Gal In Cardiff in October 2017. When looking for a theme I decided to focus ,firstly, on information of Events and Activities in Cardiff that can be accessed for free and therefore available to all regardless of income. Secondly. I wanted to blog about subjects I l have a passion for : Dementia ,Hollywood, Art and Life.
I'm not an expert in any sense - I just love these subjects and I hope its reflected in my posts!
As I only started the blog in October 2017 , my stats are pretty low but gaining momentum:

 DA:    15

Twitter: 571

Facebook: 68

Instagram: 207

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                                                     I look forward to hearing from you!!!

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