Zoey - The Beauty Within.....and Out

                                       For me, Zoey was born one Sunday in January 2019.

Fab Daughter sat worriedly in front of me 'We have something to tell you ''.........for a second I thought they were either splitting up or separating for a while....I could feel my heart breaking they have always been,and still are,  such a fabulous couple.I can honestly say it was a relief when Zoey came out as Transgender.

I shouldn't have doubted their love - it was evident from the start ....the surprise Christmas Day visit from Cardiff to Birmingham, the fabulous Wedding where the groom serenaded the Bride in her wonderful green dress and the joy when George and Molly entered the world - there are a million other examples but I digress ......

Zoey is here.She's still the lovely, kind and beautiful person she always was ; as she told Kelly'''I'm still here- look into my eyes'' and its very true -but better than that , she's happy, truly happy.
Before, there was a sadness in her eyes- now there's a spark, a light. She is more relaxed, content in her own skin ( and its a fabulous skin btw ) She has an amazing figure- I'm quite jealous! She has legs to die for, a style all her own plus she is beautiful inside and out.


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