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Sunday, 10 March 2019


One of my favourite sentences from Molly: 'Tell me some stories from your life'....she says this every time I babysit or she stops over ....I haven't done much ,to be honest, and rack my brain each time (sometimes she will want a story repeated) but how lovely she wants to know ...........

I remember all the wonderful stories my family have told me over the years- stories I retell to George and Molly - not as wonderfully as originally recited but I give it a good go!
My Nans wonderfully dramatic 'boy who stole bananas for his ill mother' story, or her fabulous story how they snuck out to cinema in crushed velvet dresses only to end up dirty and disheveled running for the last tram as they returned from buying, rationed, Cadbury chocolate .....
My Moms story of Alec ( who looked like James Villiers) who had a false arm he had to click into place to hold her when they kissed and bought her an orchid corsage ( she always loved them - I bought her one for Mothers Day with my first wages)
My Dads stories of evading the local dog 'Nipper Gardener' and how the animal would double back to corner them or how he walked out of Blind School taking his totally blind friend Alan Salt with him ( Dad became a jobbing Drummer and Alan left home to live independently - they were friends for life )
This is why I'm so happy to have recorded Jonathan ( Fab Hubby) on Facebook ( not sure this link will work , so apologies) videos in the days of his illness - I wish I'd done it before ! To see his humour, his personality , his happiness ....well, it makes my heart soar!

I have been an Activities Coordinator since May 2018 but have worked in Care since 1989 and I've always loved getting to know my patients/clients/residents ......Listening, Learning and treating them as I would want to be treated.So bring on the stories , however fantastical or mundane, tell me your dreams, your regrets and who you are ........I'm here,listening ....and loving it, and you......

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