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Friday, 8 March 2019

Mean to Me

So ,a few months ago I met someone I use to work with and was greeted with' 'Oh my god you've put some weight on'(said several times during our conversation) - and I seethed but I smiled

I don't like confrontation , it upsets me and stresses me plus I can cry out of anger and that can be seen as a weakness to the other person 
Today I was tapped on the  shoulder by someone else I worked with(different job) 'I couldn't go without saying hello,how are you? You look fantastic ' -.and  I have felt fabulous all evening.
 I thought back to the contrasting previous incident ....Why? What was the point of that meanness? What did it achieve ....??? 
I think I may know....... it made that person feel good, it made that person feel superior - it wasn't kind, it wasn't thoughtful......but still why??? 

Many years ago , a Manager I worked for referred to me as a Tortoise.....for that was her way to speak to everyone ; with no thought for for anyone but her own feelings/opinions at all times.

Years ago Fab Hubby and I worked together - he was a 'Lets get it done NOW' person - to say we clashed at work was an understatement - we clashed at home on occasions for the same reason.

It doesn't matter your style, how long it takes.......what matters is Quality.....the Manager had a good heart-but a bad a mouth, Fab Hubby was respected by all in his industry (It was just us tbh - individuals)

I'm learning to embrace who I am - even if I am a bit off scale, too slow for some,  weird in someone else's eyes, nonconformist in any way ,shape or form ......... 

No , I'm not perfect- I swear, I mispronounce, I am uninformed ( so be kind and guide me ) but.....

 So , lets just stop this now- lets be Kind ,lets think before we speak......


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