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Thursday, 14 February 2019

Valentines Day 2019

So, its Valentines Day today .....to quote Mr B 'Fuck it!' We stopped celebrating it after rowing in a general sort of way for several years. There was one Valentines Day when Mr B presented me with a bunch of red roses ....''They are plastic' ....'No they aren't!' ....'yes they are' ....( laughter) 'oh fuck, I thought they looked at me strange when I said would they be ok travelling on the bus!"

And so here is my biggest relationship gripe...the one that pisses me off , the one that fills me full of guilt , the one that I'm so angry about- I know its petty BUT ......

When I read of couples that passed'together' or ' within minutes ' of each other.......
I loved Mr B with all my heart- apologies to the world if I didn't die when he did !
Obviously my love wasn't enough!

Retreating to the past ...'I think we ought to make a suicide pact ' ...'What?' .....'So we die together'....
'Excuse me, you have Cancer....'..........' Ok I see your point'........

As previously mentioned Mr B wasnt big on big written expressions of love ....but I knew he loved me - birthday cards would thank me for my loyalty( ?!) we were both previously married.
Love letters that, for me, went on five pages were greeted with' And me'  in a card ...........that's why I love 'Ghost'........ ''Ditto'

And so, on this Valentines Day I leave you with my Mantra, the reason I don't date, I don't want to date , I might not die for you , but I will live for you, I will remember you....I will always love you xxxx


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