HobbyCraft and Others - Christmas Wreath

#Ad *Thank you Hobbycraft for donating £50 in-store for crafts and supplies for residents at St Isan's Care Home in Llanishen -All opinions are my own and 100% honest*

So,this post is a little bit different as I've used  a Hobbycraft Wreath frame  and added clothes pegs and an Elf plus a Holly and Berry coil from a pop up Christmas shop in Queens Street ( may I say in my enthusiasm these last two items were the most expensive at £3.50 and £2.75 respectively....I  know !).

I looked around for inspiration  and God bless Pinterest!

So we started with the Pom Poms as I was only using the largest of the Pom Pom Makers and I needed 5 pom poms  - I also assisted with another resident (I wound the Pom Pom whilst she fed me the wool and we had a lovely chat with prompting in-between) I think they need a rest from Pom Poms now since our last blogged craft !

Then came the peg painting - this resident  completely immersed himself in the task ; in fact I had to keep up with him !

I threaded the Holly coil as it was quite tricky and stiff  plus secured the elf with pipe-cleaners we already had in our store- adding a hanging hoop with said pipe-cleaners ....and there you have it !
As Michele Eastwood , a fellow coordinator, commented  ''Just in time for Elf for Health Day - December 7th'' ......

When adding the Elf I was suddenly reminded of a past post and later today I was under no illusion that time had changed the sentiment '''Nooooo Nanny !! Get rid of it- turn it off!' shrieked Molly as she shielded with her hand the blog post photo on my phone.........

*Model Release Forms were signed by Residents or their Representatives* 


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