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Thursday, 18 October 2018

Laughter Yoga In Roath Park

*Thank you Breathe for inviting myself and our resident , Anita, to this activity*

''Breathe is a unique counselling and wellbeing space in Cardiff.It’s been created by the pioneering mental health charity, Gofal, which has been supporting people’s wellbeing and mental health in Wales for almost 30 years.''
Today, along with St Isans resident ,Anita, I attended a Laughter Yoga session in Roath Park led by the lovely Maria Aguirregomozcorta.

What a fabulous time we had! Maria's charm and enthusiasm shone brightly in the autumn air as we learnt to relax and just...laugh.
Laughter Yoga was developed by Dr Madan Kataria (The Laughing Guru) in 1995,it is now practiced in sixty six countries.In his self published book 'Laugh for No reason' he states that 'people should laugh far more than they do- not relying on humour but,rather, coming together and engaging in simple forms of play, mostly built around faking laughing'- a sentiment that, after today, I thoroughly endorse! 
Laughter Yoga is a combination of deep breathing exercises from Yoga intermingled with Laughter exercises.The benefits include feeling more healthy and energetic as well as the lowering of stress hormones.

Thanks to Made In Cardiff we even appeared on the News!!! 
Fueled by exercises such as greeting each other with a handshake and a laugh or applying imaginary laughter shower gel our forced laughter soon turned into real and contagious laughter....in fact quite a few of us left with a spring in our step and aching face muscles! I feel that Laughter Yoga should be prescribed to everyone - I am certainly a fan and I feel Care Homes would benefit greatly by incorporating this practice into their residents activities plans -Anita thoroughly enjoyed herself and her uplifted mood remained for the rest of the day , as did mine! 

Afterwards we all assembled at the Breathe Centre for refreshments and a natter. Breathe has a very calming and open atmosphere throughout and the staff are so friendly. So whether you want to attend counselling,an event or rent a space , you will always feel welcome ......come and join the family!


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