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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

HobbyCraft And Us ..............Fans and PomPoms

      *All materials were paid for myself- this is not a sponsored post*

The sunny weather we encountered this year gave me an idea and I ended up trawling the internet for instructions on the making of a fan - the more I read the more I realised that my regular Crafters would have difficulty in attempting the concertina element of  this craft ( I had attempted flowers using this procedure the previous week)
Whilst I was looking for an alternative I happened to come across these fans from Hobbycraft and so I made my  very first visit to their Leckwith Road store.

The HobbyCraft  store on Leckwith Road is set over two floors and if,like me, it is your first time visiting I would say - don't rush it ! There is loads to see and buy and I was quickly immersed in all things Crafty- it was bliss, and I'm a novice!
As well as the fans I happened upon a 4 pack of pom pom makers - yes, I know there are alternative ways of making them but they are sturdier to hold and we really like them ....plus they can double up as mouse ears !

I found out that because of the design of the pom pom maker ( it opens up to make winding the wool easier) two residents who normally have difficulty joining in with anything were able to wind the wool around one half each whilst I held the maker in place (one lady has.an arthritic constrictive hand and another lady has Dementia and can be distracted quite easily)
I had bought the wool also at Hobbycraft and the colours soon attracted everyone's eyes - we now have a Knit and Natter Club as well as a resident that delights in unknotting and rewinding any wool she can find!
Once we had several pom poms I then assembled them into caterpillars with the help of  a hot glue gun,pipe cleaners and a skewer for antennae plus googly eyes ........and they now greet our visitors in reception!

How fabulous are they?! Now what can we make with Pom Poms next.............?????

 * Model Release Forms were signed by Residents or their Representatives*


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