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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Carousel at St Davids Hall!!

The Unknown Theatre Company   comes to St Davids Hall on Thursday with Rodgers and Hammerstein's second collaboration 'Carousel'( 26th-28th July) and I'm really excited as this was Fab Hubbys favourite film - especially the beginning...…

You see, Fab Hubby was the ultimate romantic and the idea of polishing the stars coupled with that 'one day' …..I think he's had more than one to be honest but that's just me !

Carousel ( the film ) was released in 1956.....yes, 62 years ago!

Adapted from the 1909 play 'Liliom' by Ferenc Molnar - Hollywood transplanted its Budapest setting to Maine. Molnár's opposition to having his works adapted was an issue; he had famously turned down Giacomo Puccini when the great composer wished to transform 'Liliom' into an opera, stating that he wanted the piece to be remembered as his, not Puccini's. In 1937, Molnár, who had recently emigrated to the United States, had declined another offer from Kurt Weill to adapt the play into a musical. Meanwhile, the Theatre Guild took Molnár to see Oklahoma! Molnár stated that if Rodgers and Hammerstein could adapt 'Liliom' as beautifully as they had modified 'Green Grow the Lilacs'  into 'Oklahoma!' he would be pleased to have them do it.The Guild obtained the rights from Molnár in October 1943. The playwright received one percent of the gross and $2,500 for "personal services".  The duo insisted, as part of the contract, that Molnár permit them to make changes in the plot. At first, the playwright refused, but eventually yielded. Hammerstein later stated that if this point had not been won, "we could never have made 'Carousel'"

Carousel - the stage version premiered in 1945.

Molnár's ending was unsuitable, and after a couple of false starts, Hammerstein conceived the graduation scene that ends the musical.Richard Rodgers explains.....

''Liliom was a tragedy about a man who cannot learn to live with other people. The way Molnár wrote it, the man ends up hitting his daughter and then having to go back to purgatory, leaving his daughter helpless and hopeless. We couldn't accept that. The way we ended Carousel it may still be a tragedy but it's a hopeful one because in the final scene it is clear that the child has at last learned how to express herself and communicate with others.''

Here's an abridged version - don't watch if you don't want to cry( I'm writing this with misty eyes)

And so The Unknown Theatre comes to St David's Hall on Thursday ( July 26th-30th) and I feel privileged to be attending Fridays performance- I will cry, I will laugh and I will sing.....but , most of all, I will remember - as if I could ever forget, - Fab Hubby, Mr B ….My Jonathan 


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