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Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Years ago Fab Hubby and I  ventured into Sainsbury's with a friend who frequented it regularly .I remember thinking ' One day will we will shop here' - at the time my regular food shopping was , at least, four full bags of shopping at LoCost .

Those that drive and have a good income should rejoice in their lifestyles- and, no I'm not being sarcastic  ......I can't count the times people have assumed I drive ' well, if you take the M4....' or' 'You don't drive?' (and those are the mild ones!) I tried driving- be thankful I walk or take public transport ...but don't doubt the effort, the strength and the determination of those that walk burdened with our loads- regardless of whether its shopping or children.(I apologize for referring to children as loads , but you get my drift)

As for cost- no, some of us can't afford the items you deem essential and 'not expensive'....get a grip!
I am happy you have ascended to the status you have but some of us have not.....remember those struggles- not just in written form but in your dealings with people - be kind, be empathetic.

I remember and , still occasionally, relive those days of walking home with a determination I didn't know I possessed , pausing on occasions, to change my load from right to left .I remember the relief of reaching home .The welts on my wrists .That is why we need to appreciate the world we live in, the people around us - regardless of their origin. We are all just trying to survive ....

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