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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Cycling- A Pedestrian Rant

Cardiff is fast becoming a cyclist-friendly city with the NextBike scheme, PedalPower and Cardiff Cycle Tours
I have hesitated writing this post as ,at the age of 40, I was taught to ride a bicycle for the first time with the assistance and encouragement of Fab Hubby.
I remember the feeling of achievement and freedom it gave me , the delight in whizzing down an empty hilly street with the wind in my hair and my equally excited Fab Daughter riding ahead of me , the sun shining on our faces and in our hearts ......

I apologise to those of you that cycle with due care and consideration and thank you for this.

You see, I have developed a chequered past with cyclists as this post ( towards the end of my second day ) demonstrates.
I currently walk into the city centre via Bute Park through Sophia Gardens and over the bridge by the Secret Garden Cafe and exit by Pettigrews Tearooms .
This journey can be hazardous especially in the summer months thanks to some cyclists cruising at speed,without forewarning pedestrians - I am aware that Bute park is both pedestrian and cyclist friendly -it just can be stressful at times !

The same goes for Cardiff in general as, despite cycle lanes and the Highway Code, I have seen some cyclists detour from the road onto the pavement to avoid stopping at traffic lights and more recently,  when the cycle lane was used as a pathway for pedestrians due to roadworks-with a large sign requesting cyclists to dismount-I have observed a cyclist riding said lane with pedestrians tentatively negotiating their way,pushchairs included!
I recently found out Queen Street is a pedestrian only zone - cycling is prohibited -yet, as this WalesOnline article from October 2017 shows that ban is regularly flouted.

As I said at the beginning of this post - I thank those of you who cycle with care and consideration - you far outweigh those who do not  ......


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