OMG .....Facing My Career Fear and Give It The Best Shot I Can !!!

So, as you guys and gals know- my job history leaves a lot to be desired- especially the last 2 years !
If you were to see my real CV it would horrify most of you - I am a short term enthusiast and ,personally for me, that suited me fine .As I got older I despaired of ever finding a job I truly loved.....and no, I'm not 100 % this job to be honest !
I applied for the Activities Co-ordinator position purely on the basis that I felt - despite my craft/art limitations ( if there is any ability whatsoever to be honest!) - that Residents/Clients/The Elderly ....whatever the phrase you prefer ....deserved to be listened to, heard, given the individualised care they deserved .....

I'm 60 next year and ,back in my youth ,that was the advent of Old Age. I know times change- I'm not an idiot -but that realisation has been an addition to my belief that the ageing generation deserves to be listened to, given time.
I have always held the belief -Fuck 'How would I like my Grandmother to be treated; How would I like to be treated?'...Make it personal-if you haven't the empathy ; then be selfish- if that works in favour of giving a loving, caring, person-centred service.

As long as I was a Carer, in every form , I have always listened. Yes, sometimes I can't decipher what's being said- whether because of speech problems, mental capacity or language barriers - but I've done my best .I've looked at their body language, noted their expressions and acted in unison-I've done my best. I may not have been quick, I may not have adhered to a timetable but......I've done my best .

And because of this I have heard amazing stories.........

The resident who loved travelling and even turned down a marriage proposal from the love of her life because she believed it would stop her adventures

The resident who worked in the Arts and had wonderful, controversial tales of her life as a BBC employee

The foul mouthed , bearded man who , in his youth, hated facial hair, cursing and was a member of the Salvation Army

I hate Dementia as much as I hate Cancer .......
So, I am now building on my knowledge, I have become a member of NAPA and subscribed to GoldenCarers ....I'm giving it till 2019 - its a big ask from me to be honest- I feel like walking, nay running , as usual - but this needs consideration, thought, chance and time......... its the least I can do whilst giving the most I can.


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