Music is my First love- And it Will be My Last....

So, I'll confess it.... I was and still remain - out of step with modern music ....I didn't discover the Beatles till I was 12 ( Thanks to my  English Teacher, Miss Booth)

I was brought up on Hollywood Musicals, Swing Bands and Jazz .It alienated me from my peers - who wants to get excited at Gene Kelly, Judy GarlandAnita O' Day , Deanna Durbin, Mario Lanza  and Frank  Sinatra at that age .I had secret crushes despite my blinkered music vision -I loved Ian Dury, Steve Harley, Alvin Stardust and , forgive me, Gary Glitter .

I remember Osmondmania and Rollermania-  I conformed and developed crushes on Jay Osmond and Dennis Longmuir (Drummers- my heart wasn't in it tbh) - Osmond -wise I loved Wayne cos he- like me- had a deep voice.

The Who , David Essex, and Bolan..........I really didn't click with - I remember the outpouring of love upon Bolan's death , I had a school friend that loved David Essex- saw him at a 70s revival where Osmond's headlined but he just blew the crowd away - so much love- I also attended his very last concert tour in Cardiff last year still at 69 he was absolutely lovely ( I regret not following him more in my youth - exceptional )

Now we come to Bowie - my Fab Daughters Hero - I swear to God - I never knew, never realised ......
My musical blinkers were well and truly on - ffs I attended a guitar class and learnt the chords to 'Sorrow' - not knowing who sang it but loving that I could play it ! (couldn't now cos it was so long ago tbh) My mother loved 'The Laughing Gnome' (I know- but she did)
It has long become a standing joke that I buy Bowie merchandise at Fab Daughters Birthday and Christmas especially T-Shirts .....though I am trying to be more exclusive.

As time went on I sort of  caught up (if you could call it that) As I discovered certain singers Mom would give her verdict :
Sinaed O'Connor -'Can't hear a word she's singing'
Madonna 'Can't stand her - rough !' ( not a critique on her singing I might add!)
K.D Lang -'Oh I know her ,lovely voice and perfect diction'

I fell in love with Country Music - Dolly .Lorrie, Carlene, Tammy and The Old Possum amongst others .....

As you know , I have toyed with Jazz  including Ella and Billie - more recently, my taste has been
Katie Melua, Oasis, Take That, Pink, Lady Gaga and My Chemical Romance......

I'm still behind aren't I?
But you know what ? Its discovering singers and bands who everyone else knows ...and its surprising who you end up liking !

                     Who are your discoveries? What musical surprises have you unearthed?


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