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Wednesday, 9 May 2018

In Praise Of Parents

I want to salute you- I am in awe of you , every last one of you - you are amazing! You just do it , you get on with it- and your children will love you for it ; maybe not whilst while you're banning Tech Time ,or telling them they need to brush their teeth - but believe me they will- eventually .

My daughter is that real parent - I am that 'a parent' and I am ashamed and embarrassed- but unbelievably thankful she forgave me and continues to educate me .People think that once they reach a 'certain age' they can advise, they do not need instruction on raising children .
Well, I can tell you, from my own experience- you need to adapt , listen to your children about how they want your grandchildren ( their children) brought up
It will change and evolve as times go on - that's good , honestly! Its natural - what's not natural is expecting your children/grandchildren to adhere to the teachings of our descendants - that is the past; what has gone before- we need to progress , to evolve - so the lessons ( the kind, loving ones) we can implement - but the smacking's, the verbal abuse.....what does that achieve? what does that enforce?
I remember smacks from Father on the backs of my legs , not understanding why I couldn't outrun  him when he chased me to smack me  ( and I dearly loved my Dad - but it was all he knew)
- to be honest his eyes frantically going in all directions scared me more than the physical act!!!
My parents always taught me (especially my Mom )  that everyone was individual whatever their ethnic origin or their sexuality, So , when - in later years- they became more insular in their views it was quite  a shock to be honest ......
Children don't forget, they take on board everything you say/react to - you may have your beliefs/opinions but if you want them to be contributors to life- Free them xxxx


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