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Tuesday, 10 April 2018


So , tonight I was thinking about a new post and this song popped into my head- when I YouTubed it I looked at it and smiled ....

As long as I can remember We always had a  one -sided volatile side. I always  walked or ran out  at the beginning of our relationship. I was good at running away,....I hadn't the nerve to stand and fight my corner - it scared me , still does sometimes to be honest! If only I had taken the time to cherish every moment instead of being afraid of Life.....

My Mom reckoned I had low self esteem - in fact I remember her saying ''I wish I could be you for a day - I'd bloody show 'em!!'' .... Opinions were for the brave, the committed, the informed- all I knew was how I felt -I couldn't articulate it with the passion it required. That involved confrontation, debating and discussing as well as defending .I  wasn't up to that- I just knew- I still know .Its that gut feeling, that conscience within.

They say time heals....and to a certain degree I concur, I will always cry but just not every day . They say you mature with time ......I'm not so sure its maturity I think you just become aware of the constraints, the acceptability within society.- god bless the Individuals .


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