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Saturday, 21 April 2018

The Order Of The Good Death- Caitlin Doughty

                                           'You got death questions, we got death answers.'

I have always had a fascination with Death and its procedures, myths and facts plus a somewhat wicked and morbid sense of humour - Cue:  The Good Death.

If you like facts with a fabulous sense of humour then Caitlin is your gal!

'The Order of the Good Death is a group of funeral industry professionals, academics, and artists exploring ways to prepare a death phobic culture for their inevitable mortality.'

The Order Of the Good Death aim to make our final journey Death Positive

The Good Death can be found on YouTube as well as Twitter and Facebook



  1. Ugh I love her! I have both her books!

    1. She's fabulous.. I have her second book... Love her xx


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