Talent isn't always on TV......

I love a good street performance - whether a Flashmob or an individual/group - it makes my day!!!

I think there are some amazing Street Performers and Performances out there - here are my current favourites , in no particular order

So this is '' British Army musicians Flash Mob: 'Sing,Sing,Sing' in Chamberlain Square, Birmingham''
1. My Dad would have adored this
2. He passed away in this month and this year
3. Its his favourite Goodman/Krupa song
4. He loved military drummers: their clarity, their precision and their professionalism

This is the first Flashmob Video I fell in love with(sorry for the quality!)
1. It is Julie Andrews
2.It is choreographed wonderfully
3. It makes me happy
4. It makes others happy

This is Lucky Chops (NYC Subway) I experienced them in 2016....Thank you Sis (She paid for the trip!)
1. They never stop!!!
2. Their energy is AMAZING!!!
3..Go to New York - they are worth they visit alone!

Another Brummie one .....I've met him- lovely lad ......How he has the stillness, the patience , the kindness I'll never know....Kudos !

                                          And my current favourite in Cardiff - Amazing!!!! xxxxx                    
                                     Who are your favourites? Where and Why? Let me know!


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