Shopping - A Rant!

(Don't be afraid - this shot was for an Extras Agency - Full Length/Smart......its about as good as my current wardrobe gets!)

Fab Daughter is taking me out tomorrow night as her +1 with the statement ''They said wear some sparkle'' I immediately feel tense and confused ''I haven't got any!'' I say.....she laughs ''Neither have I - wear black!''
                                                         There- that's a bit better! Sort Of....

And this is the problem ....I always wear black .My body has rebelled against my past misdemeanours of Cakes , Ice-cream ,Cheese and Alcohol- where ,once, I would have veered towards fitted ,stylish tops and trousers (I'm not a dress gal - I've tried but my body is not happy in a dress) I now look for slightly loose 'hide the rolls' clothing- its a bloody nightmare!
So I went to Peacocks - my go-to store and that's where my shopping nightmare unfolded . I picked up two tops and a pair of trousers to match - all black , all size 18 ....or so I thought ....
What the Hell! Its bad enough the hanger is almost laughing at me 'Well ,yes, 18 never know!' but 12!! 12!! I couldn't get a bloody leg in ( yes I tried - I'm being positive- miracles do happen!) No. I didn't go and look for the right size , I wasn't in the mood with what followed!

This........Good idea- flowy, long enough over jelly belly and ,I found out , sleeves that cut away much like the trousers that are on display with a split up the leg - if you get my drift (I am really sounding old now!)  Well, it took me a good 5 minutes to untangle the left sleeve that had wrapped itself within the rest of the top and it wasn't a good look believe me !

Lastly, I tried this one but it rucked up at the back and then I tried to get it off ......Dear God I must have been at it a good 5-10 minutes! I kept saying to myself' 'Keep calm, you got it on, you can get it off'' Thank god the assistants don't monitor the changing room- they would have sent the police in there - it felt like an eternity!
Fleeing the changing room (I put all the culprits on the rack by door- I wasn't in any mood to place them back myself !) I had a look around my favourite part of Peacocks ...The Shoes!!!
Why? I don't get it- this sudden fascination with pearl embellishments ; and on this type of shoe too!
And as much as I love glitter and colour.....
                                            Really???? Who wears this stuff? And with what?

So as I made way home I popped into Primark(too crowded ) Wilko( for some reason I thought there was a Women's Department- Senior moment) and ,lastly, Matalan ...where I spied these....
And now I'm happy...I didn't buy them- I'm not an ankle strap fan ( they just enhance my fat legs tbh )but they made me smile because I loooooove stilettos......
                                                These are from Peacocks - love the colour!!!

And if, like me you love the quirky - why not try the Ireegular Choice Pop Up Shop in St Davids Centre? Its fabulous!!!
And now, I'm back on track! Shoes Glorious Shoes!!

                               But I will probably end up back in black tomorrow ......


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