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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Eye,Eye.......The Full Story

This week I availed myself of the offer on MoneySavingExpert.com - A free eye test

I printed out the voucher and awaited the call- it took 48hrs .So, I booked for today - I have two pairs of glasses (I never settled with varifocals and contact lenses were too fiddley for me - especially if I had been drinking!) plus recently I have experienced headaches and dry eyes - I blame my obsession with my Laptop/Internet - I did forget to mention I ,sometimes can't focus ( putting it down to the Laptop again!)
During my initial consultation I was asked health related questions - I always mention Dads Nystagmus  (we both agreed we didn't know the correct pronunciation , so that broke the ice!) and Moms Diabetes ( she didn't have Glaucoma  btw) They were running late so I went for a coffee......

On my return the tests began - the Glaucoma test (you know, the puff of air - can be stressful because you know what's happening! Taken twice in the end ) the peripheral/white light test ( I took this twice too! ) then came the complete exam ; I hate this - its as bad as a gym session ( I stress, I perspire, I worry) My brain gets totally addled at this ''Which is better - Green or Red'' and ''Which seems clearer left or right'' .....I knew I was in trouble when the red cross exam started '' Which is stronger 3 o'clock or half past 9 '' -  I couldn't see 3 o'clock ! It freaked me out! That's when I knew something was off......but I still had hope till.....
''Has anyone mentioned Cataracts before?''- Nope .''You have an anomaly- I want to do a few more tests ; I might do a hospital referral but we will see ...'' - I had been to hospital re: eyes when Fab Hubby had been alive but just told'' There's a pigment in the back of your eye but I think its been there from birth and nothing to worry about''

As a child I had attend Birmingham Eye Hospital because of my lazy eye (squint) but ,my Dad said, they were more interested in his Nystagmus - bringing in a fellow Consultant - my Dad exploded '' We are here to see about my daughter - not me!''......I can imagine this , as he never wanted to be defined by his so-called disability ( I say so-called because he was saw it as an inconvience and not an excuse)
My Dad always said ''Look after your eyes- they are precious'' and I believe this to be true- I have always had a fear of losing my sight. I remember the shock of discovering my Dad had a sight problem ''Why do your Dads eyes move all the time?''.....I was in Junior School . I hadn't noticed ......

So ....I have an appointment  on May 7th to repeat all the tests and to also a dilated retinal exam and then , forgive the pun, we'll see.........

May The 4th Be With You

I had to move my appointment due to work commitments (can you guess to what date?)
I had been up and down emotionally thinking of possible outcomes but -after 2 pressure exams ('slightly raised') and ,after inserting some drops to dilate my pupils, the Optician had a thorough look into the back of my eyes then asked me for details of my previous Optician ( Specsavers ) and said she believed it was my previously mentioned pigment problem. I waited a while in reception whilst she phoned them . The drops blurred my vision substantially so I can understand why you are told not to drive or, if appropriate,to come with an escort.
Upon my return to the Opticians office she explained that :

1.I did not need a referral to hospital
2.It was indeed a pigment problem - but did not need treatment just regular observation (ha!)
3.I was advised to have my eyes tested annually
4.My (distance) sight had deteriorated
5. I have Blepharitis - so daily cleaning of eyelids recommended (explains itchiness and weeping at times)

With relief I thanked her and with the assistance of a very patient and knowledgeable
Receptionist/Adviser I chose and am awaiting a brand new pair of distance spectacles- although they do have designer frames- the spectacles in the range near the window are more affordable - reference: Queen Street Branch

I want to thank everyone at Optical Express for their professionalism, friendliness ,kindness and care.

                                   And the voucher? Use it- Use it now!       Offer Ends July 3rd 2018


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