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Saturday, 28 April 2018

David Baddiel: My Family - Not The Sitcom.... The review

*Thank you St David's Hall for the tickets all opinions are our own and 100% honest *

Tonight Fab Sister and I attended the fabulous David Baddiel show:My Family-Not The Sitcom at the lovely St David's Hall.
It would seem we were not the only ones to love this venue as I overheard a couple walking down the aisle :''There isn't a bad seat in this theatre !'' I know, I love this place! ''.....
The stage was set with an array of family photos and a screen. I loved the music throughout .. especially 'Shenandoah' which tied in with a story later on in the evening.
David has described the show as a 'twisted love letter to my parents' and there you have it..... love. There are moments of  ridicule and embarrassment throughout but the underlying feeling is one of pure love. There were many instances where we were both reminded of our Mother especially the open way of talking about sex and the love of being the centre of attention. The reminders of the Baddiel family roots steeped in WW2 Germany were poignant and relevant as well as shocking. Laughter mingled with gasps and tears were the order of the night. I had seen the documentary David had made about  his father so I was aware of his father's Dementia (Picks Disease) - his behaviour  not that unlike his former personality. The final screening concerning his father and an embrace following a Baddiel show is heartwrenching.

My sister is not known for her sense of humour plus she had been our parents carer for most of the time, still living at home, so I wasn't sure how she would react. This is her take on the night:

"Tonight went to see David Baddiel's My Family -
I don't usually get humour. It's just not my thing but I was going with my sister and enjoyed listening to my sister laugh through the whole thing - I know it seems weird enjoying myself by listening to my sisters laughter but I don't hear her really laugh often, she has a polite laugh which irritates me because I know she doesn't really think something is funny, she's just being polite.
Tonight I got to listen to her really laugh and enjoy herself. I even found myself laughing at his cats bonking joke, having had several cats at a time I get that kind of humour.
I also agree with Baddiel about laughing at and about Dementia. It's a saving grace from something that, at least in my Dads case robbed him of his mind and it was the only thing that kept us going. Yep, that bit hit home and I'm afraid to say it made me cry, quietly to myself so as not to disturb others but tears also help with the hurt.
A lot of what he said about his mom had resonance with my Mother who loved to be the centre of attention and her own boundary issues. All in all it was a good night. Especially the extra bit at the end."

Families eh? What would we do without them?

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  1. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable evening!

    1. It was, I think you would have enjoyed it!!!! xxxxxx


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