As I have previously stated I hate being cold !!! With this in mind, some years ago, I wrote this poem - this is how Winter feels to me ...... 


The snow has fallen, quietly and thick.

It covers my path, daring me to rape its virgin surface.

With the carpet of white is a silence that surrounds it.

It soundproofs the harshness of everyday life.

I step onto its crust

My walk crunches like an old woman's arthritic joints.

Each step leaves an imprint of my being.

The residue flurries about; like soap suds.

Light and crisp in the coldness of day.

My breath has a breath of its own .

So cold is the atmosphere.

As I inhale my teeth are sensitive to the chill.

Forcing my mouth to close.

And my nostrils to burn with coldness.

The journey is longer than usual.

As I am ladened  with the burden of Winter.

My fingers and toes are bitten with numbness.

Bringing a suppressed cry from my body.

Still I walk on- the homing instinct ever strong.

My fingers fumble for the key, and ache with cold.

I scream from within - or is that a sob? Painfully I open the door- my door. my home.

I shut the Winter out....and slowly begin to defrost....


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