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Monday, 19 March 2018

Nanny Kim and Home Education

So there seems to be a lot of press about Stacey Solomon's decision to home educate her children.....
In fact , whenever someone publicly supports Home Education  there is always a lot of press!
I am no expert, I do not profess to know the ins and outs of Home Education ,I don't know the Law or the Methods( of which I gather there are may variants)........but this I do know ......

My Grandchildren have never been as happy as they are now. To be honest, that's all I ever wanted for my child and her children .No-one wants a phone call ''Mom, I'm sitting here - they're are all ready for school and I can't move''

My parents  who would often say '' Read the signs'' , ''If it doesn't feel right- walk away'' - sometimes I took that advice ; sometimes not ( hence first marriage' 'If you want, we can turn the car around now'')

That particular day I said'' You know what to do'''.(There was more conversation but this was finally said)

The credit is not with me ( though it would be nice haha!) The credit is with Kelly and Warren they saw what George and Molly needed and, against the conformism of society they did what was right for George and Molly ....
And , my god, those kids have thrived, blossomed and bloomed!
Its not for everyone- I don't want to convert ....
But , oh my goodness ....It is for George and Molly ...long hair and a hat!!!!
And Stacey Soleman ..... she's not stupid-( wait for question 3 ) yes she had a school education....but wow, imagine the education she can give her kids !
Everyone has potential, talent and  intelligence .......
Don't underestimate our children !!!


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