It was just an idea.....

Feeling inspired one day I thought'' Now what can I offer the world that would bring in an income''.....
At first I thought ,as the song says, what the world needs now is Love sweet Love ; no not that kind !
I thought ''Hugs'' When I was a moody teenager I didn't like hugging , neither did my Nan or Mom
(it just wasn't in their make up) - my sister use to hug me just to rile me up .When I became a wife and , especially , a mother I resolved to amend this and thereby eradiate this aversion. There have been occasions where  Fab Daughter has  told me not to hug  her ''all the time'' - I can overdo it to be honest!
However, following my widowhood there was a time all I needed was a good hug - to feel a body enclosing mine ( not in a sexual way but just as reassurance) So it was with this idea I inserted an advert in Gumtree to the effect ''We all need a hug at times! Do you need a hug? Widow offers hugs to those in need''......there was only one reply some weeks later from a man who lived quite  a distance away and asked me if I would be willing to stop overnight.......Advert deleted!!!
Today I had another idea....oh yes I did! Its one I've toyed with for a while- I have the work experience , if not the qualifications, plus an online Enhanced about a sitting service for elderly relatives etc who are experiencing Dementia - a chance for their Carers to have time off whilst their relative is looked after for an hour or two ........Good huh? So I thought I'd search examples to see the potential , the possibilities......please don't! Especially if your search engine is Bing and you write  stuff like 'Granny Sitting' ..........
You may be aware that when using YouTube you can land on that area of YouTube where the strange and weird stuff gets posted - I once searched 'How to walk properly in stilettoes'' was a mixture of ''Oh My God '' and ''What The Hell!''
Well, Gumtree can be a bit like that at times- especially in the Job section! Though truth be told I haven't noticed it in Cardiff....Good Old Brum!!!

Have you ever stumbled on stuff as you trawl through the internet? What are your thoughts on this??


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