Tonight my Fab Daughter posted this image on Instagram and it evoked a feeling of longing, of grieving(but in a nostalgic way)  and a Love.......
Many years ago I wrote a piece about Cinema and Fab Hubby - Tonight I have tried to trace this through this Blog, Twitter, Facebook....its not there- I have even looked through old notebooks - so I'll just say it ...

Cinema bitch
You took him and made him your own
How he adored you
Never a day away ( except for, once, because of snow or the glorious day I captured him)

Always his priority, always his love.
I fought you for years.
And learnt to love you ,in spite.

And now we miss him- you and I.
The lights dimming, the adherence to a designated time.
The love, the service,
Its gone, forgotten- almost ridiculed.

Time moves on- as we , are told, we must.
But our hearts ache for the past, the before.
And ,now in my latter years- without him-I understand.

Cinema - thank you.
For holding him close and loving him in return.
I now adore you.....

I apologise for the lack of grammar, flow and whatever.......
I do not apologise for the sentiment, the reasoning or the love ....(fast forward to 2:01)



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