30 Movies I Love....Thier Trailers And My Memories.......

One of my favourite things when I go to the cinema is  Forthcoming Attractions or ....Trailers
So, in no particular order, I've listed 30 of my all time favourite movies - I could have carried on but I figured you'd get bored even if I didn't !

1. Moulin Rouge
I was invited by Fab Daughter to come along and see this movie with her Fab Friends from School
I knew nothing - and I was blown away !My Mom ,however, on seeing it one afternoon said she didn't like how fast it was!( she suffered with motion sickness and I think the beginning spoilt it for her!)

I saw this on the advice of my mother who had seen the stage show - she loved Queen Latifah !

3.The Way We Were
Omg , two beautiful people in a bittersweet story ..and don't you just feel the love when she brushes his hair with her hand !

4.Summer Stock
I haven't put The Pirate on here as its featured separately - I love this movie just as much! This would be their last pairing and, I feel, their most romantic - watch his face at the end as she sings ''Friendly Star'''

5.The Princess Bride
This movie is just sublime - I have passed my love of it onto Fab Daughter ...and Fred Savage is in it (I call him the son I never had haha!) but my ultimate favourite is Inigo Montoya (who reminds me of Gene Kelly's Serafin in ...you've guessed it! ..The Pirate!

6.The Incredible Journey
Forget Homeward Bound! This is the best! I cry at the end always ( even reading the book!) Good Old Bodger!!!

7.Old Yellar
I adore this movie - the book is so good I read the sequel ''Savage Sam'' and as with ''Just William'' laughed out loud !!!

8.Call Of The Wild
My Mom read this book to us complete with French-Canadian accent - the film is fabulous !!!

Just adorable!!! You will love Maxie!!! A Favourite of myself and Fab Daughter

Originally titled Stella Dallas starring Barbara Stanwyck in 1937 - Fab Daughter and I stumbled on the 1990 remake starring the fantastic Bette Midler .....Heart-breaking and Lovely all at once xx

Always reminds me of Fab Daughter - our bus journey home consisted of her crying and me explaining to anyone ''Its ok, she's just seen Titanic' ....Fab Grandson has developed a passion for the history of the Titanic so the love I have for this movie is twofold !!

My very favourite Hitchcock movie.......and that kiss in the thunderstorm !

13.From Russia With Love
My favourite Bond Movie......From killing Bond at the beginning, a blonde Robert Shaw and those dagger shoes plus I thought black chokers were incredibly sexy after this movie !

14.The Red Balloon
This is a 35 minute short ....and is wonderful !!!

15.La Cage Aux Follies
Forget ''The Birdcage'' watch the subtitled version ...the original!!! It is marvolous!!!

16.La Femme Nikita
I watched this late one night ,on my own, the TV was playing up and ,sometimes, I couldn't see the picture- plus it was subtitled! However I saw enough to adore this film- Ann Parillaud is fabulous!!!

17.9 1/2Weeks
I love Mickey Rourke and Kim Bassinger !!! He is just at his utter sexiest here as is Kim....''Don't go'' always kills me !

I actually sobbed uncontrollably in a doorway after seeing this - the end is heart-breaking!

We were lent this DVD by someone at MAC (Where Fab Hubby was Projectionist at time)
We both thought we wouldn't get through it but it was fab !

20.Withnail and I
Always reminds me of my two favourite people = Fab Hubby (he loved this film and would howl laughing at ''perfumed ponce'' scene) and Fab Daughter who introduced us to this film -Thank you xxx

21.Interview With A Vampire
I read the book years before I saw the film - loved it all.

22.The Honest Courtesan (Dangerous Beauty)
I watched this on my own one afternoon in the Odeon, Birmingham . I was feeling alone and troubled.....I loved it and even better- its a true story!

23.The Goodbye Girl
My Mom loved this movie and introduced me to it as I did Fab Daughter - pure romance and some wonderful dialogue

24.All About Eve
Wonderful from start to finish - Bravo Bette!

Fab Hubby introduced me to this classic - its rough, rugged and genius!

26.The Ringer
Fab Hubby's very favourite movie! Out on DVD a year after his passing- Damn , he paid for a VHS copy from the original film a few years earlier - transferred it onto DVD and sold one to Italy and one to London via EBay !

27.Cinema Paradiso
Love .Love. Love this film !!! Another crying movie!!!

28.Come See The Paradise
Fab Hubby's fellow Projectionist introduced us to this wonderful gem - heart-breaking xxx

29.Somewhere in Time
I adore this movie - and part of me believes in this possibility!!!

30.Barefoot In The Park
I love this film- I laugh out loud especially about the stairs! Plus Jane and Robert are just beautiful!

These are only a few of my favourites- what are yours????


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