Veganuary and Dry January.....A Conclusion and a New Beginning !


So its been a full month since I started my journey and its been surprising ...

When I started Veganuary and Dry January , as previously stated, it was from a health point of view - I knew I couldn't continue as I was because I ached, I was bloated, I had indigestion and headaches plus I had begun to prioritise alcohol over food ....something had to give and Life wasn't going to be it!
The alcohol side of things was pretty easy - though I did try alcohol free beer - and came to the conclusion that was a silly idea , in much the same way vegan meat is - but that's just my opinion !

                                                                         The two culprits!

As far as food was concerned it took a bit of detective work plus developing a new, determined mindset but Tesco's has been my saviour as have Co-op, and Beanfreaks. I'm by no stretch of the imagination a good cook, so the fact I have baked bread, made a fruit cake and sourced ingredients for a vegan version of a Gino recipe is encouraging to say the least !!

The change for me was gradual, the lack of bloating and indigestion came first then I began to feel lighter ( I haven't weighed myself before or after but I feel good - and I'm all for feeling good !)I sleep better and wake refreshed, no headaches or groggy feelings. A kind of Euphoria has snuck up on me of late .I feel I have made two good decisions already this year - No Animals,No Alcohol - and it suits me !
The nearest I've got to a discussion re: Veganism is someone arguing they knew someone years ago who worked  in a slaughterhouse who said they killed animals with an electric prod ie: Humane ......I just said it didn't make it right! The conversation changed course swiftly! I'm not going to preach all the time but I'm not going to stand by and listen to someone justifying their choice whilst refuting my choice !!
I don't know all the ins and outs of my new lifestyle - for that's what I've decided its to become- but I feel supremely happy at my decision!
Oh and the exercise ??? Watch this space- anything and everything is possible!


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