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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Never say Never .......

I was doing so well- or so I thought. It started with Alcohol Free Lager and ended with Co-op Rose : hardly the Lost Weekend but the guilt has consumed me and so I thought I'd come clean .I enjoy  a drink with family and friends and I've curbed my solo drinking with Dry January giving my body a rest and myself a chance to reflect. Am I kidding myself? Maybe..........
But I do enjoy the whole process : from the drink itself down to the glassware. I especially love the history behind a drink - such as Absinthe and I love the different glasses ( I know, but its the truth!)

I remember alcohol being around as a kid, even if it was Nan surreptitiously moving her mounting drinks over to other people so she remained sober ( not so her sister Floss who, at a family birthday party,had to be helped to walk backwards down a staircase as she couldn't do it any other way- she was in her 80s  at the time!) Dad brewed his own beer for a while - till a casket exploded and enveloped the front room carpet !(Mom was not pleased!) The smell took some time to go !
I remember my parents warning me not to keep drinking and to sit properly in an armchair(I was sitting  with my legs under me ) I didn't listen- do we ever as a teenager? The resulting carpet burn that covered my cheek for many weeks was the result!
My Mom wasn't a drinker- usually having a lemon and lime when we were out but like her Mom (My Nan) she loved watching the antics of everyone as the night wore on. She once got a job washing glasses in a pub but lasted a night as she felt ill from the smell of alcohol! Dad was the drinker in the family though not regularly and rarely at home when we were kids. He loved Whisky and Vodka - not together haha!When my sister, Ann, or I bought him a bottle of anything he would always fill the bottle cap and take a slug ''Just a taste!'' he would say smiling.
In later years we would all assemble at my parents house and get through several bottles of Lambrini ( this would include Mom - even if it was only a glass).There would be laughter and ,occasionally, a karaoke session with some music books(they bought them as Dad would like to occasionally have a strum on his guitar ( he had his brothers guitar -his brother had emigrated to Australia), Ann would practice them on her keyboard and Mom learnt some of the lyrics....I was a closet performer that alcohol would unleash! There still remains home movies of these endeavours, some including a very young Fab Daughter! Happy Days....

Maturing Like Wine??

I am an all or nothing type of gal....I also can burn out so abstinence was 50/50 to be honest, I'm attempting moderation ( yes, you heard it right!)  I know, but its worth a try ! I think the trouble is I maybe approaching 59 this year but in my head I'm about 30 ...I think ! I'm not ready to age yet, if ever. I'm no party girl but give me good company mixed with alcohol and there is fun to be had whether singing, dancing, watching crap TV/YouTube or just talking !
Now, where did I put that wine glass????


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