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Sunday, 11 February 2018

I will never,ever......

Its Sunday. I'm at work 2-10pm .Feeling a little down..........
Sorry for not posting anything for a few days, its been a funny one this week .I've been  in the midst of a blue funk but I am emerging out of it and it got me thinking ;maybe this is it. This is my life from now on ........
What if that is all there is? What about the expectations ,the dreams, the promises we all hold dear?
I know, I need to get a grip, I need to think positively, blah blah blah !
So, I thought long and hard (well, I had a cup a tea!)  and this my personal list:

I will never:

  • Have another child
  • Love someone ( as in a man/woman) unconditionally
  • Drink alcohol  (This did not happen!)
  • Consume/buy animal products (I'm learning day by day about this - I only recently became Vegan )
  • Stay somewhere I'm unhappy/uncomfortable/unsafe
  • Be talented musically, in any description!
  • Look happy when not smiling
  • Enjoy watching/participating in Sport of any description (though I love other peoples joy)
  • Enjoy exercise.....those two words together make me shudder!
  • Have the body I desire (a combination of idleness and genes will see to this!) 
  • enjoy Jigsaws
  • Play Bingo

These are just a few.......
I guess I need another list (my Yin to the Yang as it were!)

I will always:

  • Respect everyone's lifestyle choices regardless of age, gender, religious beliefs etc 
  • Listen
  • Be Kind
  • Be patient
  • Emphasise
  • Enjoy Silence
  • Enjoy doing nothing
  • Have a Brummie accent (I have no intention of changing/improving my pronunciation)
  • Be Indecisive at times
  • Not have an opinion sometimes
  • Wonder what the heck the world is coming to ...or going back to- as the song says ''When will we ever Learn?
  • Fear Death but Love Life and all its ups and downs !
  • Love Musicals and the stories therein
  • Love my Fab Hubby and Daughter ( plus family)
  • Like a bit of gossip!

How do you cope with down days? What are your lists?


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