Baby Alive Adventures

Baby Alive doll in box with accessories
A couple of years ago whilst perusing YouTube with Fab Grandkids we came upon a selection of Baby Alive videos and so started the obsession......
Baby Alive is made by Hasbro and as you can see from the box above ( this is our Baby Alive btw) she can eat and drink but best of all- she poops ! As you know from this post George and Molly love all things Poopy (is that a word? Hmmm it is now!) I bought Baby Alive as a joint Christmas present in 2016 , she isn't the animated version as I knew they had plans for her forward to 2018 and ,finally, they have accomplished what they set out to do.
Fab Daughter and Son In Law were going out for a few hours and so ,it was with much excitement, that George and Molly were to be babysat at my place.
Barely had Mom and Dad exited than George asked ''Have you got a Blender?'' Luckily(?!) I had.
It had come as part of the kitchenware and was a rather noisy Kenwood New York Smoothie Maker
''Yes'' I said - quick as a flash   I turned round to find 4 yoghurts and a punnet of strawberries that had been in my fridge laid before me ! It was then I realised their plan .''Right, I'm not using all the yoghurts'' I said. George wanted me to cut off the greenery from the strawberries but, as I pointed out, it didn't really matter. They both ran into the other room giggling when I warned them how noisy the Blender could be - and it was!

The yoghurt and strawberries duly mixed George helped me pour it in the dolls bottle whilst Molly prepared the Baby by sitting her in bowl ready to feed her and watch for 'the pooing' .There was much excitement as the Baby was fed and lots of a anticipation as they waited for the inevitable ...which took sometime I must say due to the small spoon and the length of the dolls body .
Baby did poop much to the delight of both of them !We even added blended chocolate buttons - these got stuck in her mouth at one point but this just added to the hilarity!
Eventually, we ran out of the mixture- most of it was either in the Baby or the bowl !

Then came the next phase- cleaning up include surfaces and tea towels used for mopping up!
It also included bathing the Baby ....another adventure began ! The baby was given a bath by George  in my plastic mixing bowl in the bath(don't ask!) along with another doll being bathed by Molly at the same time in another bowl- many instructions, giggling and water was distributed by both Fab Grandkids as well as the addition of bath bombs I had in bathroom cupboard!

Once Baby and her 'friend' were both dry they were promptly dressed and then we all sat down to read some stories and watch 'The Bee Movie'' ( again!!)


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