In a sudden whirl of confidence , after seeing an advertisement on Facebook, I applied to be registered with POP
No, I don't know where this new found zeal has come from - Veganuary? Dry January? Old Age?
Lord knows, but I'm embracing it whilst it lasts! Life is an adventure!
Registrations took place at Cathays Community Centre from 10am -5pm .I had to take ID ( my passport was sufficient) and pre-register on their site before the day. I usually back out of stuff like this at the last minute but not this time!
I duly arrived around 11.30am , there was a registration desk manned by three delightful people with laptops at the ready! Apparently at 10am it had been extremely busy with about 50 people queued up but things had quietened down.
They couldn't find me on their system so re-registered me there and then - thank god!
They just needed my name, date of birth, email, phone number and ID ( I filled in my full details when I accessed my account at home)
 Once registered then you had a choice - there were two sections of chairs :
1. Two ladies took your measurements(Head, neck, chest, waist, hips, dress, bra and shoe size - as well as arm and inside leg if required )....I remarked they were approaching the 'bad area' when they got to my hips and was told '' In this business there's no such thing'' - I was quite relieved and happy!
2.Head and Full Body photographs (you get approval)- no smiling!
Once you had had measurements and photos taken you were then free to go....
When I logged into my account ,at home, I was able to access all the info and ID evidence they had inputted ( not photos though - think it will take longer as not uploaded on day)
I then had to fill in all the information needed eg: basic info, description( eyes hair , ethnicity, special skills etc)
It is a self employed position and work/hours aren't guaranteed but hey-I'm a Supporting Artist now! 


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