What are you doing for January ???

This month is Veganuary ''inspiring people to try vegan for January and throughout the rest of the year''.
It is also  Dry January '' an annual movement through which millions of people give up alcohol for the month of January''.

Both are asking you to look after your body ,your engine. If its not nurtured, fed with the right fuel then it stalls , it breaks down and , eventually, dies.
Its the last bit that scares me - I'm 58 ,overweight, on medication  ( underactive thyroid ) , too fond of alcohol and cakes plus I'm getting health niggles on a regular basis (intermittent backache, creaky knees at times, itchy skin spasmodically )
So , I have decided to do something about it - don't get too excited! I've made my pledge to  Veganuary.
I am in good company , Fab Daughter and Son In Law have joined Veganuary too ! Fab Grandkids are being given the option - Molly is very keen but George .......''I like Chicken, Steak and Tuna!! ''
As you can tell I need to lose weight ( I'm the one in green-ha! ) I'm afraid its mainly been alcohol followed by ''the munchies'' - I won't go into detail but I've been supping well over my weekly limit!
So, I got thinking ....yes, you've got it ....I pledged for Dry January  too!
To me it makes sense to combine both - I can feel smug at the end of January haha!
I know its gonna take time , but I need to get the better of this before it gets the better of me !
I also know I need to....oh dear here comes that ugly word.....Exercise! I bloody hate the idea !
But when I think about the aftermath of losing weight - well , its not pretty !
Sooooo....... I'm  Hula Hooping - I started last year but, true to form, I gave it up after a couple of tries- this time I'm gonna endeavour to hula hoop whilst Corrie or EastEnders is on - every day/night ( depending on work) I can only do it for a very short while but if I just keep persevering I might be quite ok by February ( I'm not bragging at this point )  and ,who knows , I might be brave enough to attend Ellies Class
So it looks like being an interesting and healthy 2018 already , I'll keep you posted from time to time of my progress - it will be Fun.......won't it?
What are your plans this year? Are you joining us???


  1. I'm not doing Veganuary and I don't drink anyway, but I'm trying to improve my diet and start exercising again as I've gained a stone in the last year. The first change I'm making is ditching sugary drinks. I'm only consuming water, tea and a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon in now. The exercise is going to take a lot more effort though... Funnily enough, I considered hula hooping too! Good luck with your goals. :)

    1. Thank you, the Hula Hooping is taking time as I'm on the lazy side but I'll get there xxxx


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