Welsh Happiness Day

Today is Welsh Happiness Day and I thought I'd list the things that make me happy about Wales- in no particular order...........


I have never been a sports fan but since relocating to Cardiff in 2013 I can't help but love the joy within  crowds of Welsh Rugby fans as they congregate in the city centre - before and after a match .
I love the costumes whether just a t-shirt and face paint or daffodil hats and welsh flags draped over supporters .
Then there's the singing - I remember travelling on a bus from work on a match day, it was rammed full of Rugby fans suddenly a young man stood up and led the whole bus in a sing song - it was fabulous!

Calon Lan

Someone I knew once said ''The Welsh sing Calon Lan at Weddings AND  Funerals -what's that all about?!'
I first heard Calon Lan when I joined Llantrisant Ladies Choir
.I thought it was a beautiful song and being the inquisitive nerd I am I googled the English translation of the song....what beautiful lyrics!


The word "Cariad" is Welsh for love, beloved, sweetheart or darling and is derived from the Latin word "carus", which means love or loved one. This word will always remind me of a particular Welsh resident I cared for some years ago . An amazing lady of 92  who despite being partially deaf and blind plus suffering with Dementia would sit with me ,talking in Welsh at times, then cup my face in her hands and say''Oh Cariad'' with love in her eyes . I have no idea who she thought I was but she did this often and it melted my heart .

Tom Jones 

How can you not love this man? You have not lived till you heard a crowd belting out the chorus of 'Delilah' at the top of their voices! Plus don't you just love it when he suddenly breaks into song on 'The Voice UK' ?


A Cwtch ( pronounced Kutch - rhymes with Butch) has many meanings ....it can mean a small cosy place: a cupboard or cubbyhole ....or it can mean a hug or a cuddle. I have always heard it said in context to a hug so , as a lover of hugs, I adore this word .

Bus Drivers

Might just be me but Welsh Bus Drivers are awesome!
I've had Bus Drivers who can't give change wait for me to go to a shop to buy something so I can change a Fiver!
I've had Bus Drivers drop me off in-between stops because they knew where I lived.
I've got on a bus where the Driver has been dressed as Santa and greeted every child with 'Ho!Ho!Ho!''

The People

''I said it was a 5 horse race and what number did he want to back? He said 6! I said 'Its a 5 horse race!' He said No,6....I said ''THERE'S ONLY 5 HORSES RUNNING!!!'' .....He said ''But 6 is my favourite number!''  
If you enjoy a bit of banter or just a friendly chat then you've come to the right place!
Nothing quite like hearing the phrase'' See you later cock!'' in a Welsh accent - as well as: ' Where we to mam?'

                                                       Ddiwrnod hapus hapusrwydd!!


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