Versatile Blogger Award !!!!

Whoohoo ! I've been nominated by Kate Jones for The Versatile Blogger Award !!! Thank you so much Kate!
Here are the Rules:

* Share 7 facts about yourself
* Nominate/Recognise 15 other Bloggers for the Award


Here goes......

1. My first crush was Des O'Connor ....I do not apologise !!!

2. I once played truant so I could meet James Doohan (Scotty) and George Takei (Sulu)  at a meet and greet in the city centre.

3.My favourite magic trick to watch is the levitating ball - I don't want to know how its done!.

4.My favourite clown as a child was what I called The Souka Souka Man - a white faced Perriot clown who use to look for a snake, we had to shout out when we saw it  'souka souka'

5 I remember visiting the Whale in the 70s then visiting a similar display and being able to walk inside it where there was a display of marine life information inside the Whale ( not sure second one was real- as in Whale not memory! )

6.When I was little I use to watch Andy Pandy and cry every time he said goodbye

7.I love reading Enid Blyton's  Barney Mystery series - Snubby and his dog Loony were my favourite characters

My Nominations are:


                                                            Good Luck Everyone! Have Fun!!!


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