Love Is All?!......

 Whether its January 25th or  February 14th  - Valentines Day is generally  celebrated by couples declaring their love for each other whether verbally, physically ( you lucky people!) or by means of a card, gift or event.
Fab Hubby once presented me with a bunch of roses '' I'll get some water for them '' he proudly announced ''They're artificial'' I said ''Noooo!'' - ''Yep'' - the look on his face was classic, ''I wondered why the florist looked at me weirdly when I asked if they'd be ok to take on the bus!''
We ceased to celebrate February 14th when we had successive years of squabbling on the day ( not related but we took it as a sign !)
Fab Hubby use to work a LOT of hours ( he was a Full-time Cinema Projectionist in the City Centre plus he part-time managed another Cinema and helped out his best friend as a Projectionist regularly)
So , anytime we spent together I cherished dearly - one winter he couldn't make it into work because of snow.
It was a fab day! All we did was drink tea and watch TV snuggled together !
When I married my first husband  (it only lasted 14 months) I was very naïve, needy and insecure. My Mom use to say I was ''in a pink cloud'' - infatuated and , like all Moms she was right ! (though I didn't realise it at the time!) I allowed myself to be manipulated - resulting in being diagnosed with borderline malnutrition due to the often quoted saying of my then husband ''Don't get fat like your Mom'' ( Moms weight ranged from 19-25 stone throughout her life )
Two years after the break up I met Fab Hubby- throughout our 33 years together there were occasions I would say ''You don't really love me!'' or - at the beginning - I'd walk out during a row then phone him because I was lost ( he would always find me !) I continually needed that reassurance , that confirmation. It took many years for me to realise - Yes, I Love and I am Loved.....
When Fab Hubby got ill , I wanted a reminder for me ,our daughter and his family and friends .So I set about recording videos on Facebook - I am so glad I did ! His warmth, his humour and his love shines through - and it makes us all very happy ! My Dad believed , like Brer Rabbit, that everyone had a Laughing Place - a place that just made them Happy ......Jonathan is mine ; still.
So this St Valentines Day (February 14th) I just might buy myself a bunch of artificial roses , make a cup of tea and watch a very special movie ........


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