Meanderings of a Musical Gal - Costumes I Loathe and Love...

When I first saw American in Paris I was roughly in my very early teens - I remember feeling uncomfortable seeing my idol in such a tight fitting ensemble - now I look and its not so bad -  just not a good look on him.
American in Paris just doesn't do it for me .
I like the story, love the songs (Except during 'I've got Rhythm' when one of the kids can be heard saying 'I feel so dumb!'' - how dare he!)
My very favourite part of the whole movie is right at the end of the Ballet when he is dressed in black  and the camera zooms in the rose trembling in his hand - it is then I love, as someone once called him, The Master.
 To me that shaky rose embodies his strength, his artistry, his love of dance and most of all it displays the effort and energy he has put into that dreaded Ballet (apologies all to all you fanatics).
My opinion doesn't matter - what matters is HE loved that Ballet , as others will continue to .Will I watch it when its next on TV - quite possibly...its Gene Kelly Ffs!

Everyone knows I love The Pirate ,yes?! Judy wears this right at the beginning - I loathe it ! She also wears a white outfit with donkey ears at the start of the Pirate Ballet (Omg do you think I have an aversion to white costumes?! No , can't be -I love the wedding dress in this movie - phew!) I couldn't find a photo so you'll just have to watch the Ballet - which I TOTALLY appreciate btw.......

When thinking about costumes two  in particular sprang to mind - However, they are costumes and looks  that I love.........
I know what you are going to say but its not tight everywhere!

Howard Keel laments 'Where is the Life that late I led' from MGM 'Kiss Me Kate'- superb! 

Meanwhile, Barbra Streisand seduces John Richardson - 'Love with all the trimmings' from 'On A Clear Day'.....Exquisite!

Just in case you didn't see it in full length.....

                                I did say there would be singing and dancing within this blog!


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