January Update : How It's Going....

The last 9 days have been an awakening of sorts..........

Veganauary is plodding on well- I'm not a confident cook (ask Fab Daughter, I break into a sweat at cooking dinner when babysitting Fab Grandkids !!) However, I have attempted cooking from scratch just because if I cook/bake it I know what has gone into it!
Initially, I started Veganuary from a health perspective - I'm not a mad animal lover ( I'm of the ilk 'I don't LOVE animals- I like them , I wouldn't do them harm) or so I thought ......Cue Fab Daughter discussion whereupon she showed me this video :
Devastated is the emotion that best describes my reaction to this video - I couldn't speak properly for a while, the tears flowed.....it was then I realised this lifestyle isn't just for January. This is for the rest of my life - how can we justify this treatment of animals - we wouldn't condone it for humans so why are we doing this to another living being ! I know some of you won't care, will argue, will deny but my heart can't do this - I can't justify a carnivorous lifestyle any longer.

Dry January also continues - its had its moments ( usually boredom and habit moments ) but on the whole its not too bad .Many years ago , I read Rational Recovery by Jack Trimpney ( A friend of my husbands once described me as a binge drinker with potential) So I have used his 'Beast within ' technique in a loose sort of way - I'm not a raving alcoholic but , as my husbands friend said- I have potential.
Exercise ......Now this one ......I wish I could say 'Yay! Hula Hooping doing well!'' ......but I can't - sorry ....not just yet. I'm ever hopeful- I really am ! I have a bunch of excuses available from cold weather(?!) new job induction( finished before 5pm , sometimes 2pm ) , babysitting (once in 2 weeks) and on and on .....truth is .....I couldn't muster up the motivation or enthusiasm - as you may be aware.......Life goes on and I , as Fab Daughter once described herself, am 'a work in progress'......

                                                         How is your January going?


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