It takes Two to Tango?!

Lena Horne 'A New Fangled Tango'

Tango originated in  the 1880's along the border between Argentina and Uruguay. Tango initially referred to a musical gathering amongst slaves ( authorities tried to ban these gatherings as early as 1789)
The dance itself became popular as it progressed from the suburbs to the working class slums , which were populated with hundreds of thousands of European immigrants.
Although styles and techniques vary there can be no doubt that Tango is the epitome of sensuality and seduction.......
 We all have our favourites and these are a few of mine !
Several years ago I developed a crush ( yes, I know I'm good at them!) on George Raft who I had seen in Each Dawn I Die Mother said '' Oh you haven't seen him Tango!'

George Raft and Janet Blair in 'Broadway(1942)

One of my favourite leading men - Antonio Banderas oozes sex appeal ........ 
                                    Antonio Banderas with Natalli Reznik in 'Take The Lead' 

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the magnificent 'El Tango De Roxanne' from Moulin Rouge!

           Jacek Koman, Caroline O'Connor, Ewan McGregor and The Moulin Rouge Dancers

And not forgetting 'The Cell Block Tango' from 'Chicago'........

Renee Zellweger, Catherine Zeta Jones, Susan Misner, Denise Faye and Mya Marie Harrison

          Johnny Robinsons beautifully expressive 20 minute documentary 'The Heart of Tango'

                        However I do not believe that the Tango is exclusive to a man and woman .....

'Tango between Men' (uncredited )

                              'Tango On A Lake' performed by Mayte Vicens and Julia Juliati 

                                                                         Or couples......

Ernest Williams


                                                                   And I couldn't forget......

                                                  No apologies here ! Tango and Tap !

Of course this post couldn't finish without featuring the most remembered Tango of them all


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