Ffyona Campbell

Some of you may remember Ffyona as the long distance walker who walked around the world.
She covered 32,000 kilometres(20,000 miles) over 11 years and raised £180,000 for charity.
Ffyona wrote three books about her adventures: Feet Of Clay , On Foot Through Africa and The Whole Story

'Inspired by the hunter-gatherers she met on her journey – Aborigines, Bushmen, Pygmies and Native Americans – Campbell returned to Australia after the end of the world walk to live with the Aborigines. After three months she returned to Britain to learn how to be a hunter-gatherer in her own country and to work out what had separated us from the life we must have loved so much.She wrote about her adventures in her fourth book, The Hunter-Gatherer Way and is now teaching others how to be hunter-gatherers in Britain through her company Wild Food Walks based in Devon.'

I first loved Ffyona when I saw her in the BBC documentary series' Ffyona's Longest Walk.'
I admired her focus, her determination and her energy .Over the years I dipped into Google but could find scant information about her apart from the obvious coverage of her media titled 'awkwardness', 'cheating' ( read The Whole Story for the FULL story ) and general derogatory articles - none of which lessened my admiration - if anything I loved her more for her 'I'm going to do this , whatever!' attitude.
One day I came upon The Ffyona Campbell Appreciation Society and ,after a wait, I was a member. Sometime afterwards Ffyona made contact with the members. She sounded as surprised by our admiration as we were by her contact and so began Ffyonas re-amergence  - as an advocate of  the Hunter- Gatherer Way
Ffyona has just released her second book on the subject The Beat of a Different Drum

Ffyona can be found on Facebook as previously mentioned as well as : The Hunter-Gatherer Way By Ffyona Campbell , Ffyona Campbell and YouTube


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