The Winter Tag

Welcome to the Winter Tag! I want to thank Sarah at MummyCatNotes – you can read her tag answers here and don’t forget to give her post a like too!

The Rules :

1.Share 12 Random Facts about yourself
2.Answer 12 Questions
3.Tag 12 Bloggers ( if you can!)

Random Facts .....

1 I have been married twice
2 I wanted to be famous when younger- just didn't know what for!
3 I can open a bottle cap of beer with a spoon
4 I am short-sighted and should wear glasses for distance
5 I use to climb up the entry next to my house-  a bit like this haha!
6 I love Ventriloquism ( watching it )
7 I once owned a pair of red ballet shoes ( I never had lessons )
8 I don't like anything with wings i.e.: insects, birds etc.
9 I love  Ice-Cream
10 I fell in love with Gene Kelly when I was 11, and learnt to roller skate because of him.
11 I use to ride a Scooter when I was a kid - but I only learnt to ride a bike in my 40's
12 I love nights of watching weird TV with my Daughter and , sometimes, horrified Son In Law (Naked Attraction, My Life as a Doll etc.)

The Questions

What are your favourite things about Winter?
Being warm, the crunching sound as you walk through snow and snuggling under the covers at bedtime with bed socks on!

What is your favourite Winter outfit?

What is your favourite Winter Drink?
Ginger Wine- my Mom took me into my first pub one snowy day ''Have this , it'll soon warm you up!''

What is your favourite Winter Food?
Stew and Dumplings- Reminds me of my Childhood

What is your dream way to spend a Winters Day?
Heating on, pot of tea, good company or a good book/movie

How do you like to do your makeup in the Winter?
I rarely wear make up, but if I do - its pretty much the same as rest of year , just very basic .

What are you hoping Santa brings you?(if after Christmas what did you get)
I honestly don't mind as long as love and thought has gone into it- I'm happy with just a card as long as the words written inside come from the heart  xx

What are the first three things that remind you of Winter?
Snow, Being  Cold and putting the heating on

What is your favourite Winter Song?
In The Bleak Mid Winter , I just think its beautiful

What is your favourite Winter Memory?
Hubby couldn't get to work and we all had an unplanned day together - which was rare then as he worked long hours and very rarely took time off .

What is your favourite Winter Scent?
A wood burning fire....I rarely do perfume. 

Finish this sentence… If I could have anything this Christmas, it would be…
Financial security for all of us

I Tag:

                                                                                  Have Fun!

                                                                     Merry Christmas xxxxxxxx


  1. Love this and totally agree with the last question :/

    1. I'm being positive - will just take time xxxx


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