Mind Your Language

                         So, I'm from Birmingham .....and that makes me a Brummie .............
Molly looked at me curiously'' Nanny, come here'' she said and led me upstairs to the toy bench on the landing....''Sit down'' she said .I sat down.....'' Now, repeat after me'' she said earnestly,'' Isn't it''
I repeated...several times..'' Not Innit''' she said gently
A few weeks later as we were out in a park she approached me wide-eyed, motioning to another child '' She just said Innit like you ''

A few weeks ago there was much laughter from George and Molly when I happened to say ''poor''....yes, you've guessed it  I pronounced it '' poo-er'' ! Cue another pronunciation lesson !
Though not before I was asked to say it several times resulting in gales of laughter !

I am always amazed that the Brummie accent causes mixed reactions - its like Marmite...you either love it or loathe it- I am not given that choice - I am who I am ....besides I'm not listening to my accent when I speak - I'm behind it really , and I'm over it ....as you should be.

However I will carry on mispronouncing words because ....well, its who I am - and it makes these two beautiful children laugh xxxxx


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