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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Merry Christmas Beautiful........

Every year since you've been gone at Birthdays and Christmas I've always included you in cards to family:
'' Grampy John sends you love'' or ''Happy Birthday from Dad xxx '' or ''John sends Birthday Wishes to you''.

This will be our 5th Christmas without you and it doesn't get any easier .Kelly misses your enthusiasm and excitement...the two of you conspiring on food, arrangements and generally winding me up when my motivation waned .....
                         Warren misses your love of all things Christmas and your enthusiasm........

George and Molly just miss you - evident from the fact that I forgot to leave a message from you in George's Christmas card ; and he noticed. Thank you George, I thought I was being pathetic .Kelly said no, they all looked forward to the messages from you
I've spent 33 years including you in cards and presents and then when you passed away ( I cant say the D word unless I'm angry) , I couldn't bring myself to exclude you . I worried, I debated - then I decided that , like disposing of your ashes ( they reside in a bright red urn on my window sill) or the gold band that remains on my left hand , that I wasn't willing to let go/dispose of this just yet.....if ever.I'm missing you every day, I miss your smile, your laughter and your humour.....
I miss holding you and being held - you were fab at that ! I miss our 'in' jokes , people thought they knew you but you had a wicked ,sometimes ,savage sense of humour !
I miss squeezing your hand three times ''I love you'' then getting two hand squeezes back '' Me too''
I miss writing you pages of love letters or messages galore in Birthday Cards then getting one line in reply.....'' I love you too ''.....
So Merry Christmas Beautiful , Love Ya Madly T.A.T.E....and know this- you will never be forgotten


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