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Monday, 18 December 2017

In praise of Poo!!!

Yes, you read that right - I'm writing about poo .....This all came about because I read this article and it reminded me of several incidents where poo has triumphed over decorum ,.etiquette and peoples general reluctance to acknowledge that it is perfectly natural and ,at times, bloody funny !
My Aunt Letty loved to tell us stories when we were kids - she especially relished poo stories of any description ...she loved to watch our faces and hear us exclaim ''Eeewwww!!!''
A few years ago I bought Fab Grandkids this remains a favourite to this day ! In fact I was helping George sort out what toys and books were going to charity last week when he took this book out of my hand ''Not that one 'he said horrified ,''It's one of our favourites!''...if you like poo stories you will love this as it describes different animals poo as the mole goes in search of the animal that has poo-ed on his head ..
Fab Hubby often said you could never have enough toilet paper ( even though there were only two of us in the house there was always at least one multi pack in bathroom haha!)
My Dad loved the story of Satchmo visiting Buckingham Palace and being amazed that there was a gold toilet ( I have no evidence to back this up , just my Dads word )

As you all know from my Fav Blogs/Vlogs section I love Antonella  - Please be warned - she doesn't censor her language !!! Here is her V.I.Poo Review......

Meanwhile in Canada........

And for those of you interested in your Poo Health - Enjoy :)

                                                                   Don't Poo Poo your Poo!


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