George Allen Art circa 2010

So ,this is what I remember about this work of Art .Some time ago Fab Daughter had bought me a canvas and two squeezey bottles of paint with the intention of sitting at the table and hand/finger painting  with George. Grampy John decided to take an afternoon nap ( he was undergoing his Radiotherapy at the time and tiredness would intermittently engulf him )
That's when I had the idea, it was a lovely sunny afternoon and our floors were laminated and the room spacious - so out came the canvas, then I squeezed the paint into two separate bowls on the floor. We started together but pretty quickly George took charge and the red and green intermingled with feet and was marvellous!!!!

The paint didn't stay on the canvas - good job it was a laminated floor- but the joy on Georges face NannyKim was enjoying it too!!!

When it was finished it was magnificent! George had a shower and I washed the floor and bowls! Grampy John got a lovely surprise when he awoke as did Fab Daughter when she got back!
It remains one of my favourite memories and it is proudly on display

Footnote(haha!): A few years ago The Fab Daughter and Grandkids gave me this as a Christmas present :


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