Babby its Bloody Cold Outside!

I hate being cold -I have walked home with bags full of shopping -each step agony as my feet numb and frozen hurt from the cold and my fingers were barely able to turn the key to open the front door .
I know snow looks festive, fun and ,sometimes, romantic ....I enjoy the sound it makes as you walk through a fresh pathway crunching at each step .......but it can be ruthless at times .I hate the way it can change consistency - the falls you can have on ice are a shock to your system and sludge can be just as precarious.

I think that's why I've reached a certain time in my life where I look at the warmest option in preparation ,not for me the 10.5 tog Duvet - are you insane???!!!!  15 tog - higher if there was one to be honest! Add an electric blanket- oh yes, dear friends, you heard me correctly (extra foot warmth- I'm on it!) You think this is excessive - we've barely scratched the surface!
Clothes? Try Mountain Warehouse and Snow+Rock - they do a good line in walking boots ,snow grips    (bloody right!) thermal, waterproof gloves and storm-proof jackets ......
I feel I have to mention that hats are a problem - like my mother before me , I have a big head.
No, seriously- Fab Daughter has been known to enjoy the spectacle of me trying on hats that look terrific on her ; only to perch on my head like a party hat at Christmas ! So in order for some protection/warmth in the winter months I double-check attached hoods or go without tell the truth my hands and feet are my priorities !!!! And best things ever - thermal bed socks!!!! I kid you not !!!

What are your winter warmers???? All suggestions eagerly ,gratefully received xxx


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