A Perception of Beauty and Age ( Oh Hark at Her!)

Cameras , contrary to belief, are deceptive - I can think I look great; attractive even! Then I look at the photos and its all there in its terrifying glory: squinty eyes, bulbous nose, crooked teeth...

Ah me, to be young again ! Though ,to be fair ,even then- thanks to Moms haircutting prowess .......
Not to mention (please don't mention!) the 80s panache for the poodle perm, I did myself no favours !

I don't trust mirrors either - well even Snow Whites Stepmother had trouble with them!
How many times and angles does it take before you actually get out the door - I may as well roll one along side me everywhere I go on a night out!
In my teenage years I use to cleanse, moisturise and tone my skin- Now? I splash some water on my face and I'm done!  Facemasks ! That's another thing! Why are they cold on application ? have they changed the rules? Am I getting old? What do you mean I am old- how very dare you!

On the subject of age I need to introduce you to two women who are doing beauty and ageing their way -Here's Jacky - she's fantastic!

Its amazing what we endure and come back from .Here's another amazing woman! Baddie Winkle - Brilliant and Resilient!!

I'm still discovering me - as Fab Daughter once said' 'I'm still a Work in Progress'' ....I think many of us are !


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