A Coat Rant

The other day I went into Cardiff to look for a winter coat/jacket - and I was bombarded with puffa coats and fur !

Its bad enough to know I am overweight without expecting me to consider something that will enhance this !  
'' Oh yes, I'll buy that Puffa jacket , it suits me soo well''

And as for fur -it does not compliment me ( and I mean me !) I look like Bet Lynch, not in a good way either ( is there one?)

The coats I looked at, that I liked, were thin and then the arm thing comes into play.Overweight or slim , I have big arms (thighs and ,as previously mentioned, head ) so even if I can get a coat on- the sleeves are usually too short or too long.
The more I read this the more I think I sound like some deformed female Shrek ! I have currently 3 jackets ( 2 are far too tight and the most recent purchase was £9 from Primark - a Pak A Parka !!!)

Every year ,when I was a kid , my Nan use to choose and buy my sister and I our winter coats - then one year she let us choose......my sisters met with approval as she loved  fur and it had a fur collar - mine did not , it was a trenchcoat ...it was the last year she offered to pay for our coats !

There is no conclusion to this rant - I'll carry on looking, trying on and, hopefully, I'll find something that fits....sort of!


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