Douglas Hofmann Made Me Cry

Some years ago I was wandering around The Pallasades Shopping Centre  in Birmingham ( it no longer exists having been merged into the Grand Central Shopping Centre complex) when I decided to visit my favourite place, The Halycon Gallery - it is now relocated inside the Convention Centre at Brindley Place

I was unaware that an exhibition of Douglas Hofmann's work was on display , the shop wasn't particularly big so after meandering around amongst the David Shepherd animal art etc.
I turned a corner and saw this.....

And so began my love affair with the Art of Douglas Hofmann
As I walked amongst his many exhibits , I actually had to leave the gallery momentarily as I was so emotional - I'd never had this reaction before - even with Chatterton . Returning inside I made myself a promise that one day I would own at least one example of his art.....

Today I own three Lithographs ( Nope, I don't get it either hey ho) they each have a story - of course!

This is Rhapsody In Blue II......I bought it just after my Moms passing ( she had left my sister and I  a certain amount and I had all but spent it so I wanted to buy something substantial with remainder )
I ordered it online and I had wanted to purchase Rhapsody In Blue I but must have ordered the wrong one in my haste/grief- I was in no mood to return it so I somewhat grudgingly kept it......
At the same time they were selling this Lithograph:

This is Girl in a White Skirt - the reasons for this purchase are twofold .Firstly it was cheaper than the former Lithograph and Secondly it reminded me of a picture my mother had for quite a while in the 70s , she loved that picture and even when it got damp and it had a big pleat down the middle she kept it on the wall!
Finally, a few years ago, I got this....

Rhapsody In Blue I .....You beauty  xxxx Unfortunately, her framing was very light (I had the other two framed in Birmingham and they are quite heavy ) in moving her one day she fell on the floor and her frame snapped - its held together quite badly ( by UHT Glue!)  but at least she's safe till I can afford to get her reframed at some point.
I love all three of them , though I have moments of 'should I sell her' about Rhapsody in Blue II but I think that's because she wasn't my original choice - my own fault I know.

On my Birthday ,long ago, Fab Daughter and Hubby bought me this wonderful book.....

Its beautiful as is the artistry this man has within his fingertips.........long may he continue to dazzle us with his talent !
Do you have a favourite work of Art or Artist?



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