Stop It Now.......

Ok so I know the current trend for sometime is that you grieve then remarry, thats what some people do......

But what if ,as Barbra sang (only in title) 'Enough is Enough'
What if- you don't want to date,have a friendship/arrangement or remarry
People get confused .....People!
Gals,Guys ....You ain't gotta do it ! Its not compulsory! You are allowed to live life on your own !!!!! Its not a crimminal offence!!!
If I wear make up ,I wear it because I want to!!Not because I have or want a partner!
If I go to the pub,visit the Theatre/Cinema on my own I'm not looking to hook up with someone/anyone!!!
So YOU couldn't be on your own for the rest of your life...
So YOU would have to look for someone.....
That's YOU!                                
 Only YOU !!
 Not me!!!
Have a bit of respect, a bit of tact....have a bit of feeling ......
 Stop it now xxxxxxx


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