I have been told I snore, its only since this review  by my Fab Daughter that I became horrifically aware of how bad it was! She had previously videoed her Dad and I one day as we napped on a visit ; not too bad I thought- could be worse! Oh dear it was…is!!!

You see when she started her blog she had applied to many buisnesses to review products
One day she recieved aforementioned ring in post and I was asked to review it as out of Warren( Fab Son in Law)and myself , I was thought to be the most appropriate person……I didnt take it seriously just thought Whatever …….

My Sister said she had a voice activated recorder I could borrow for comparrisons  – that was a mistake! I cannot tell you how many times I rewound that tape in shock , then I put it in different areas of the bedroom, then I either clapped or said something as I got in Bed so I KNEW it was me! It sounded like someone farting underwater! REALLY LOUDLY!!!
I was reminded of the time when I gave birth to Fab Daughter and ,in those days they let the baby stay in the nursery to be looked after by nurses for your first night, I had woken and was chatting to some other new Moms when they said that I had slept well last night to which one of them said ”Well, that sleeping tablet they give you always makes you snore” and they all nodded….but I hadnt had a sleeping tablet….make of that what you will !!! Thank you Ladies- I think!
I wore the ring every night for a week ,putting it on an  hour before going to bed as per instructions but ,although it decreased in volume it was still very audible! So Fab Daughter contacted the company and they concurred some people (some people!) need one on each hand …..she was duly sent a second ring …….Yes, it worked , or as Fab Grandson said -I was staying on bottom bunk bed ,he was on top – ”I heard you once ,but it was quiet and I went back to sleep”(!!!)
So…… Well to be honest I’ve stopped using them , I know, but Im gonna start tonight as Ive been waking myself up snoring!!!!


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